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Assessment of Recreational Fishery in the Galapagos Marine Reserve: Failures and Opportunities

Oct 02, 2016 · File

This research aims to explore the Galapagos Marine Reserve governance by following the governability assessment framework, which is based on the interactive governance perspective.

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Building Biodiversity Business

Sep 28, 2016 · File

Key points in document.

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Conservation Enterprises: Using a Theory of Change Approach to Examine Evidence for Biodiversity Conservation

Jun 13, 2016 · File

In this brief, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment (E3) Office of Forestry and Biodiversity (FAB) Measuring Impact (MI) project examined the evidence presented in the studies included in Roe et al.

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USAID Support to the Community-Based Natural Resource Management Program in Namibia: LIFE Program Review

Feb 04, 2016 · File

Since 1992 USAID has contributed to the support of Namibia’s Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) program through the Living in a Finite Environment (LIFE) program.

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