WRI Publication: Waiting for Democracy

WRI Publication: Waiting for Democracy

Author(s): JESSE C. RIBOT


Report from the World Resources Institute's Decentralization Research Program by Jesse Ribot entitled: "Waiting for Democracy: The Politics of Choice in Natural Resource Decentralization." The report examines several developing nations' claim to be undertaking some form of decentralization involving natural resource management. Case countries presented in this report include Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, China, India, Indonesia, Mali, Mexico, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Senegal, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. The report assesses the degree to which proclaimed decentralizations involving natural resources are being established in law and in practice; evaluates how these decentralization reforms affect social and environmental outcomes; and recommends ways that these reforms could be designed and implemented to improve their social and environmental outcomes. The document has been obtained from the WRI website at {}

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