Author(s): Henri P. Josserand

Publication Date: 2001


The Working Group on Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) in Africa was convened by the Africa Bureau’s Office of Sustainable Development (AFR/SD) as part of their Environmental Management and Information Systems (EMIS) portfolio. At USAID, leadership was provided by Paul Bartel, Technical Advisor for Environmental Information and Mike McGahuey, Technical Advisor for Environment and Natural Resources. Other members included Henri Josserand from ARD, Inc.; Max McFadden, Bruce Miller, J. Kathy Parker and Michael Saunders from the Heron Group; and John Woodwell, of the University of Maryland. The purpose of this work was to characterize the nature of CBNRM experiences, their evolution over time, and to develop analytical tools on determinants of success, uptake, and expansion. The purpose also included an assessment of resource valuation approaches, of the potential impact of CBNRM, and suggesting some implications for USAID personnel and their partners.

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