NWP Literature For Review and Discussion

Group Members can add content (Files, Webpages, Images, Links, etc.) directly to this folder. Literature found in the DEC or Google Scholar searches can be most easily added to this folder as a “Link.” This folder also contains a “Collection” that is pulling in literature already on the RM Portal that group members have found and TAGGED "NWP for Review" and/or SHARED via their "Favorites" folder. NOTE: Content, by default is created in a Private state (shown in red text). Only the person who created it (the owner), the users and groups that the owner chooses to share with, and portal managers can see it. By default you will be sharing with the NWP Group only. You can choose to upgrade the state to Visible/Internal only (green text) so all logged in Portal members can see the content, or you can change the state to Publish (blue), which means that anyone can view the content. Visit the HELP folder for support working in the group.
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