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Inspired by the Nature, Wealth, and Power framework for rural development conceived by the United States Agency for International Development and some of its key natural resources management partners in 2002, TransLinks was a 5.5 year cooperative agreement (2006-2012) funded by the Agency to promote rural transformation by linking natural resources, economic growth, and good governance, in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society, Forest Trends, Enterprise Works/VITA, University of Wisconsin/Madison’s Land Tenure Center, and Columbia University’s Earth Institute. The program strove to identify, develop, and disseminate lessons, best practices, and tools from the partners’ projects around the world that have attempted to apply the new approaches of Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) and Wildlife FriendlyTM enterprise/value chain certification to support people living in threatened ecosystems, through conservation and sustainable use of the natural resource base upon which their livelihoods depend.

The 26-minute film immediately below presents lessons from six case studies highlighting some of TransLinks' most interesting findings and outcomes. The entire catalog of TransLinks’ products and events is accessible through the folders provided below, sorted in different ways (by themes, product types, year, partner, partner and year) to facilitate finding the materials most appropriate to your interests.



TransLinks: Promoting Transformations by Linking Nature, Wealth and Power - Final Technical Report

The TransLinks program (2006-2012) - a major initiative of the United States Agency for International Development, Office of Land Tenure and Resource Management within the Bureau of Economic Growth, Education and Environment. Over the last 5.5-years, the Wildlife Conservation Society with its partners, Forest Trends, Enterprise Works/VITA (a division of Relief International), the Nelson Institute/Land Tenure Center at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and the Earth Institute/Center for Environmental Research and Conservation at Columbia University, identified, developed, and disseminated lessons, best practices, and tools from projects that promote the integration of nature, wealth and power around the world.


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TransLinks Products by Partner


TransLinks Products by Year

2007 |   2008 |   2009 |   2010 |   2011 |   2012

TransLinks Products by Partner and Year

The Earth Institute
2007 |   2008 |   2009 |   2010 |   2011 |   2012

EnterpriseWorks/VITA-Relief International
2007 |   2008 |   2009 |   2010 |   2011 |   2012

Forest Trends
2007 |   2008 |   2009 |   2010 |   2011 |   2012

Land Tenure Center
2007 |   2008 |   2009 |   2010 |   2011 |   2012

Wildlife Conservation Society
2007 |   2008 |   2009 |   2010 |   2011 |   2012


Translinks – Complete Collection

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