Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge (WCTC)



Wildlife trafficking is pushing many animals towards extinction, including species of elephants, rhinos, tigers, pangolins, turtles, and parrots. The crisis also has a human toll: in the last decade, more than 1,000 rangers have lost their lives protecting wildlife. Criminal networks that are increasingly involved in wildlife trafficking are more organized, sophisticated, and technologically advanced than ever before. For this reason, the Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge called on the global community to harness the power of science and technology to address four wildlife-trafficking related issues.

In 2021, USAID followed up with the winners of the Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge after five years to hear: Where are they now? What successes and lessons learned do they have? In this Story Map, 13 of the Tech Challenge winners share news and updates on their work. 

WCTC Winners and Partners


In 2017, USAID convened winners of the Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge as well as key partners and supporters to discuss successes, challenges and lessons, and to identify ways to continue exploring and elevating the role of science and technology in fighting wildlife crime.

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