Learning is the intentional process of generating, capturing, sharing, and analyzing information and knowledge from a wide range of sources to inform decisions and adapt programs to be more effective. Biodiversity programming relies on evidence-based decision-making to achieve tangible and sustainable results.


Collaborative Learning Groups

Learning groups increase the effectiveness of USAID biodiversity conservation programming by finding out what works, what doesn’t, and why. USAID's Biodiversity Division created its Biodiversity Cross-Mission Learning Program to capture and share global lessons for common conservation strategic approaches.

These learning groups:

Connect USAID staff who are implementing the same strategic approach to address a development challenge.

Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience about when and under what conditions the theory of change holds.

Foster collaboration to answer a set of shared learning questions (a learning agenda) that can help improve the effectiveness of USAID programs.


The learning groups collaborate through sites that feature webinars,  toolkits, and knowledge collections.



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