Wild Meat Collaborative Learning Group Evidence Collection

This Evidence Collection includes published literature, grey literature, and products produced by the wild meat learning group. For additional resources, please visit the WILDMEAT Project website. The WILDMEAT Project, funded by USAID and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, provides an evidence-base wild meat database and research toolkit for researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

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Learning Questions:

LQ 1a: What are the barriers and incentives that motivate urban, peri-urban, and non-subsistence demand for and consumption of wild meat?

LQ 1b: What behavior change approaches are effective in overcoming barriers or leveraging incentives for changing wild meat demand and consumption behavior?

LQ 2: How effective is alternative protein substitution for subsistence-level consumption of wild meat?

LQ 3a: Where wild meat sales are legal, how effectively are regulations monitored and enforced?

LQ 3b: How effective are regulations at reducing illegal and unsustainable sale of wildlife?

LQ 4: What management systems for land and protected areas can support sustainable subsistence hunting for local communities without contributing to commercial hunting?

LQ 5: Where are the synergies between wild meat interventions and those focused on zoonotic disease, food security, and household income in USAID programming?

LQ 6: What combination, if any, of strategic approaches are effective in achieving threat reduction and improving human well-being, and under what conditions?

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